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Atreides.Controls is the ultimate tool for professionals working in Internal Audit & Internal Control.



We have developed the ultimate internal audit tool that is constantly learning and evolving.

Our vision is to provide those working in internal control with a best in class tool that is a joy to use so they can focus on what really matters.




By Design

An intuitively designed cloud based tool that ingests your excel working papers and supports you.

Share work papers with your colleagues, rate them and download them again for reuse.


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On Demand

Automation powered by AI will review all of the controls and score how well they cover risks and provide feedback on design.

This is all presented in an interactive and easy to read dashboard.

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  • Get 100% coverage and analyse the health of all your controls in minutes not months

  • Get full transparency about how to improve your controls with clear simple remediation actions suggested automatically

  • Save expensive staff or consultant time and redeploy their efforts to better tasks

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Richard Hurley


Richard is an experienced Technology Leader who has worked on the set up, development and commercialisation of regulatory technology offerings for Deloitte LLP across the United States and United Kingdom.

He has an undergraduate degree in Law, is a ICAEW Chartered Accountant and is currently studying for an MSc in Software Engineering at the University of Oxford investigating the application of Agile Methods to the development of Natural Language Processing Services for Integrated Risk Management.

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